Introducing: Sharing the Warmth of God’s Love

You are cordially invited to help with one of our congregation’s newest ministries. We are making blankets for agencies who work with adults who have complex medical diagnoses and children who come into the care of the state.

Linda Creekmore and Mickey Matthews have completed the first two that we will be blessing in worship in the next couple of weeks. Nina Abernathy is working on a couple and Zena Marshall has one started too. Mickey’s and Linda’s are crocheted. Nina’s are fleece and Zena is knitting the one that she is making. Lula Hansen is making embroidered labels that we will stitch into each blanket.

The point is that these blankets can be made using any technique. And, if you find “a great buy” on warm and comforting commercially-made blankets, those work too. Every blanket counts! The most important thing is that we are creating something that shares the warmth of God’s love…literally.

If you are ready to get started on a blanket, the dimensions should be about 40”x50” for little children and about 60”x72” for bigger kids and adults.

If you are not a blanket maker, no worries! You can help share the story. Mickey was talking with her neighbor about this project. Her neighbor was intrigued and offered to help. She has a little extra time and Mickey has a little extra thread, so her neighbor is working on a blanket too.


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